Apple suffers defeat in attempt to block Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets in the U.S.

The bitter battles between Samsung and Apple continue with the latest ruling resulting in a blow to Apple. On Friday, U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh denied Apple’s request for a preliminary injunction against Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones and tablets in the U.S.

“It is not clear that an injunction on Samsung’s accused devices would prevent Apple from being irreparably harmed,” Koh wrote.  Koh also said that Apple must demonstrate both infringement and validity to succeed in its lawsuit.

This war of giants has created over 20 cases across 10 countries, including Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, and South Korea. This is far from over folks, but its nice to see Samsung getting the upper hand for once.

[via reuters]




  • M PITA

    OK, there might be some argument (maybe) however far-fetched about the iPad vs. Galaxy Tab over some percieved similarities – if you’re a techno-illiterate judge. What is now clear is that Apple is engaging in non-competitive business practices under cover of IP protection. They should be sued for abuse of the legal system. Apple is the Anti-christ of technological innovation and is becoming the face of ugly corporate transgressions. There’s no way I would own an Apple product after watching this trainwreck of the patents & legal sytem.