Sprint Epic 4G Touch Expected to Receive Cure for Los of Signal Bug and More

Some of you Sprint Epic 4G Touch users have been experiencing an annoying bug causing you to loose signal when traveling in between coverage areas. Good news because apparently the issue has not gone unnoticed as Sprint and Samsung claim to have a fix in the works. The problem seems to arise when users are in spotty 3G and 4G coverage areas and has adopted the name “LoS” (Loss of Signal) Bug, and can usually be temporarily fixed by rebooting. As you can imagine, this is not an acceptable fix from a consumers standpoint and thankfully not one that Sprint and Samsung will live with.

After making his frustrations known through Sprint’s higher-ups’ person email address’, Epic 4G Touch user and XDA forum member, kingsway8605, says he was eventually contacted by a Samsung developer who ultimately told him a patch was officially in the works. He was even offered a test version of the fix, but since it wasn’t in its final ready-stage he declined. The Sammy dev assured him that the patch was currently undergoing testing and that a full push-out should commence sometime in December. kingsway8605 says the developer described the LoS bug like this:

It is isolated to areas with spotty coverage, which is why some don’t experience it at all. If you are in 4G and leave 4G coverage, or in 3G coverage and leave 3G coverage, and in the process of sending packets, there is apparently a bug where the phone does not detect this and would just give up after it could no longer talk to the old tower.

Without knowing exactly what the patch covers it’s really hard to say if the problem will be resolved. Since Mr. kingsway neglected to accept the test patch we have no way of getting an outsiders opinion therefore we can only assume Sprint and Samsung are working hard to reach a resolution. If we hear anything else or if some crafty XDA member comes up with a solution we will let you know as soon as possible. If you are one of the Epic 4G Touch users experiencing the LoS bug sound off in the comments section below.

[via XDAAndroid Central]



  • Anonymous

    I just returned from one of those no signal holidays and it was miserable.  I even questioned whether I was going to keep this phone since I go into those areas frequently which would make this phone unacceptable. My HTC Touch Pro 2 didn’t have these issues with signal, so I was unprepared for little or no connection.  I even used a signal booster that actually got us to 2 and sometimes 3 bars, so we’re looking at a bigger booster…

  • Joe Bowden

    I have this problem a lot due to going in and out of buildings with shielding and an apartment that at the bottom of a crater, but I’ve been used to it so its not that big of a deal, I just flick the airplane mode on then back off and that usually takes care of it. Even turning wifi on and off does it sometimes too. Would love to see a fix though!