Acer, Asus, and Dell to Stop Making Android Tablets?

Well it appears the PC Hardware vendors may drop out of the Android tablet market altogether. According to reports, Acer, Asustek and Dell may drop out due to fierce competition by Apple, Amazon and Barnes & Noble. This is surprising news considering Asus is releasing the first Tegra 3 tablet in December and Acer has suggested their own release of tablets with Tegra 3 inside.  While this is purely speculative, an upstream hardware supply chain suggests that they should be seeing orders by now from these companies if they were planning to push tablet sales in the next year. This however, is not because PC vendors lack compelling hardware.

Given, that the three main competitors offer compelling content to compliment their hardware, PC vendors were hard pressed by offering stock OS flavors to theirs. Couple this with cheaper tablet prices by both Amazon and Barnes & Noble, PC vendors didn’t have a leg to stand on price wise. According to the report:

“With Amazon offering its Kindle Fire at US$199 and Barnes & Noble to provide its upcoming Nook Simple Touch at a price of US$99, the pure hardware players are unlikely to profit from the market through price competition.”

Like it was said before, this right now is speculative. However, we have seen PC vendors start to pull their tablets that may suggest that this move could happen. Some also suggest that these companies are holding off on their orders until Windows 8 is out. Although these vendors may see the same issues in that market as well. One thing is for sure, companies and vendors are now starting to see that in order to offer a compelling product they must do more than just offer compelling hardware.


[via Digitimes]

About the Author: Jack Holt

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  • Ameer Aftab

    Pure click-bait! What a load of “purely speculative” horseshit without any substantial basis or content to back up the headline! Great job!

    Goodbye, Talk Android. No more room for you guys in my RSS Feed. 


      Agree, pure junk.. Asus about to do very well with the transformer prime, this all makes no sense, and prob a rumor from microsoft..

    • Darkcobalt

      Digitimes is extremely reliable as a source of insider and little known supplier information in the Asian manufacturing companies (especially Taiwan), it is pretty much is the source for all the other sources that blogs use (so it is the source of the source, lol), so I wouldn’t doubt that somewhere upstream a provider is not seeing orders of parts necessary to build tablets from each of those manufacturers.

      On the other hand, competition never deterred Asus and Acer before.  I doubt they’d withdraw from the market, otherwise they would have stopped making laptops in the face of competition from Dell and HP.

      People should keep in mind also that different brands dominate different geographies.  I bet there are many pockets where Acer and Asus can gain very good traction regardless of Apple and Kindle presence, and both Acer and Asus have strong channel distribution against Apple and Amazon.

  • Droid Always

    I hope not cuz I’m looking forward to a quadcore tablet from Asus running ICS. I’m definitely not buying anything MicroSoft since they started to “extort” or leech-off $5 or more from the Android producer.  MicroSoft is already making abundle from NOT doing anything but stifling innovations and competition.  No more Windows for me – not even Windows 8. I’m sticking to Androids.

  • Senorjan

    This is typically a rumor that Apple would want to start spreading at the moment the competition is launching products that can seriously hurt their season sales… With NO real new products before march they need to defocus the consumer and create the fear that the product, that’s clearly superior and will be available BEFORE they upgrade theirs, will be obsolete soon. TALKANDROID should HIGHLIGHT that this is specualtion and do investigative journalism and find the source of the rumor as to expose the truth… rather than adding to the confusion, which only serves Apple’s case.