Updated Android Market with Google Music Already Rolling Out

Last night during my usual late night Android Market browsing session I surprisingly experienced a sudden force close – the app suddenly went dark for a moment and took me back to my home screen. After I reopened it I was delighted to see that I had just witnessed a quick refresh of the Market app that now features the new “Music” section. I have also been hearing from a couple of friends that they too are seeing the new music store so it looks like Google has begun to push the update to many devices.

Once you receive the new Music store you will notice the added orange “Music” section amidst the usual suspects, apps, games, movies and books. Once you open the section you see the featured page which highlights various artists and recommendations, this is also where you will find the free song of the day. If you scroll the page to the left you are presented with over 20 genres and to the right you will find the top songs and albums. You can even go directly to the music app right from within the stores menu by pressing “My Music”. Pretty fancy Google!

If you are not seeing the updated market (version number hasn’t changed) you can try clearing the app’s cache and data by going to: Settings–> Applications–> Manage Applications–> Android Market–> Clear Data. Try rebooting and see if that helps any, if not I’m sure it will only be a short while until all devices get the update.

  • Matt

    Can’t buy music if you’re rooted =\ bummer.

  • Curt

    Clearing data brought it to my Droid X with no issues.

    @Matt – You can still purchase from the website.