Samsung Appeases German Court Ruling, Modifies Galaxy Tab And Calls It The “Galaxy Tab 10.1N”

For those in Germany disappointed at the lack of choice as far as tablets go and were forced to purchase an iPad due to an injunction issued back in August, we’ve got some good news for you.  You no longer need to smuggle tabs over into your neck of the woods, as Samsung has fully complied with the court’s ruling, making some slight modifications to its popular tablet.  What are they?  No one knows just yet, however, it appears that there is a black bezel extending slightly towards the metal rim of the device now.  In addition, the title of the tab has been slightly modified, as it’s now dubbed the “Galaxy Tab 10.1N”.  The device is now on sale in Germany and touts a shipping time of two to four days.  Here’s to hoping that Apple gives up and isn’t looking for something else to claim infringement upon. You know, like the power button or something.

[via Engadget]