Moms are three times more likely to own an Android smartphone as opposed to an iPhone, but would they give them up? [Infographic]

I’m not too big on infographics, but this one from Life360 about Moms and smartphones seemed interesting.

They found that Mom’s were three times more likely to own an Android smartphone as opposed to an iPhone. What was interesting was the results on if they were willing to give up their smartphone for ONE day. According to the survey, 32.4% of Moms would give up their smartphone for a day at the spa, 15.5% for new clothes, a new bag, or new shoes, and 11.8% for dinner at their favorite restaurant. Of course there are those that would never give it up even if they got paid, and that was the case for 28.7% of the Moms.

So when is the survey coming out for Dads? I don’t know many Men that would be willing to give up their smartphones for either of these things. So what would it take for us Dads to give up our smartphone for a day? I know my answer, but I think it’s better to leave it to the imagination. What about you guys? If you can keep it clean let us know in the comments.

[via life360]

About the Author: Robert Nazarian

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  • Nine Oh

    More moms have android smart phones because the technology isn’t as important, and they go and get the “Free” or “practically free” phones (which doesnt exist with iPhones) I have an android, but this is a stupid argument. If you did a poll of what moms would rather have if they were both free, then it would be an argument.