Droid Bionic Will Get Ice Cream Sandwich According To Motorola

Recently, the Droid Bionic was deemed “unsellable” by Radio Shack and you could say,with the new devices coming out, Motorola just took too long with this one to hit shelves. On a good note, Motorola posted on Facebook that the Bionic will be seeing Ice Cream Sandwich in the future. Lets hope that we don’t see the same lag time that it took for Gingerbread to hit and that bugs are worked out before rushing an ICS update. Motorola plans to give a timeline after the final version of ICS is released. I’m already saying Fall of 2012 in my head, but let’s hope I’m wrong.

[via facebook]

  • tyler

    I’m a DROID bionic owner and. I love my phone I’m just waiting for the ice cream sandwich. I got a question will voice command be better then siri?

  • dylan

    Yeah I am very excited to hear that the bionic will be getting ICS! People need to chill out about buying the bionic before the RAZR release…I prefer my bionic over the RAZR because the RAZR would be too thin for me. The bionic feels really solid in hand..

  • djkoz78

    So far I love my Bionic as well.. Some minor annoyances but overall a great device. Soon apparently Motorola is supposed to be sending an update to fix a bunch of bugs in November. I hope ICS comes out soon.