AT&T Drive Mode, The Anti-Texting While Driving Mobile Solution (video)

We’ve showed you a few anti-texing while driving apps like Sprint’s Drive First and PhoneGuard. AT&T also has a solution called DriveMode, which like the others, can disable incoming calls and text messages while driving and even send auto-text replies to let people know you’re currently driving. The app is available for free in the Android Market for AT&T customers. Download links are right after the break as well as how the app works with a video. Texting and driving is absolutely a bad idea, so take advantage of this free app to help you keep your phone out of your hands while driving.


  • Once downloaded, customers can manually enable the app prior to driving, activating the auto-reply feature.

The app also provides the option to send calls directly to voicemail, and to send an auto-reply to incoming emails. When the app is turned off, user can view the calls, messages and e-mails as they normally would.

AT&T DriveMode also offers additional safety and convenience features, including:

  • The “Allow List” lets users select up to five contact numbers – such as roadside assistance and family members – to send and receive calls while the app is running.
  • 911 is always accessible with just a touch of a button, regardless of whether the app is turned on.
  • Music and Navigation settings allow one music and one navigation app to run while AT&T DriveMode is enabled.
  • By downloading the app, customers are also automatically taking AT&T’s “It Can Wait” pledge, joining the thousands who have made the commitment to not text while driving.
  • For more information and downloadable educational tools related to AT&T’s “It Can Wait” campaign, please visit:

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About the Author: Harold Williams

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  • Sohale Razmjou

    FYI…This app was an idea thought up by a customer service rep in a call center in Detroit.  She submitted the idea in AT&T’s Innovation Management system called “The Innovation Pipeline” (or TIP) which is powered by a company called Spigit (@Spigit). 

    Pretty cool that her idea got recognized and converted into an actual downloadable app.  Also pretty awesome that AT&T crowdsources for ideas that can impact their business

  • Nick099

    SafeLinx for Android. Performs similar functions but is more for parental control of a teen’s phone to prevent texting and smartphone usage while driving. Works well. 

  • Fida Molok

    Is it available for iPhone yet?

  • J

    In Android Settings, you can use the block feature to achieve similar things without the auto-reply feature, and that doesn’t interfere with GPS apps.

  • Matthew

    The app came preloaded on the Note Edge and definitely has at least one issue. To place a call to a number in the allowed list, the call has to be attempted twice using the bluetooth connection from the car. The first call goes into limbo and puts up a message on the phone that it couldn’t be completed. Once I stop driving and exit DriveMode, the phone then completes the first call that initially failed. I disabled the app since I don’t text and drive anyway.