Microsoft Lync Coming To Android

Coming to us from TechED in New Zealand, Microsoft is showing off a Lync client for mobile. If you are unfamiliar, Lync is a powerful unified communications system utilized by many businesses. It’s somewhat like an overpowered Windows Live Messenger, but again, intended for business.  The surprising news here is that Microsoft is making their client available to more than just Windows Phone 7. Android, iOS, & Symbian will be able to utilize it. Obviously, Microsoft is making a play for the enterprise and by making it available on the major mobile OS’s, they are trying to fend off potential threats from services like Google voice, Google Talk, & iMessage.

Video of Lync after the break

[via PocketNow]

  • se530

    Great news. Right on time (deploying Lync at work in September-October).

    Microsoft, please bring Outlook to Android as well:)

  • richard christian

    Is the Lync for Droid ready yet?

  • Peter Jones

    Any more news on this for android? It could make droid phones a really contender to blackberry for business users, in my opinion.

  • Aztec

    Im waiting for this also, i have a lot of android phones in my site and we use office 365 for it, i would love to be able to use lync as well