Yahoo Messenger for Android & Yahoo Mail for Android now available

This just in, Yahoo has just released its Messenger and Mail clients for Android 2.0+.

With the new Yahoo Mail app for Android, consumers can:

  • Receive push notification of new email messages
  • Send emails to contacts from the Yahoo! Address Book as well as to contacts in the native phone address book
  • Search email messages by sender, recipient, subject and keywords
  • Upload photos as attachments directly from the phone’s camera or the photo gallery
  • View and download attachments
  • Insert emoticons and rich text formatting into emails
  • Effectively manage and organize their Yahoo! Mail messages, folders, and spam
  • Easily toggle between the Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! Messenger apps

With the new Yahoo Messenger app for Android, consumers can:

  • Easily message friends, check friends’ status updates and availability and update their personal status and availability
  • Send instant messages to friends via SMS text message
  • Multitask and stay connected with the app working in the background; with push notifications, consumers can easily catch new messages and friend requests
  • Get full use of emoticons and rich text formatting
  • Send photos to friends directly from the phone’s camera or the photo gallery

In addition to Yahoo Mail & Messenger, Yahoo also has a search widget now available. With the widget a YahooSearch box is easily accessible on the home screen. With voice search for easier input, Search Assist for quick suggestions and recommendations, and auto-locate technology to deliver locally relevant results, the Yahoo Search Widget quickly provides the answers a user needs.

Download: Mail Messenger Search

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[via yahoo]

  • redndeyes

    Used above links and manually searched market and came up with no such apps on tmobile mytouch rooted 1.6

  • Scott Young

    All links and qr codes were tested and work fine on my Froyo N1 and as far as I can tell there isn’t a Android version requirement for these…

  • http://Yahoo hunt.dian

    Android version of both work well on Droid. Very smooth and clean

  • Sam

    Working fine on my Samsung Galaxy Spica… I caught up the code, n was able to download it via Market…

  • redndeyes

    Welp I tried again and got nothing. … must be something with 1.6

  • Rod Brandyn

    Must only be available to Android 2.0 and above. I have the cliq running old 1.5 and I got nothing on this end. If its only available to 2.0 and above it should specify that.

  • Ken

    how do you log off?
    i don’t see a button to disconnect or log off.

    i had to go to my mac and sign onto yahoo there
    to get the Android version to exit. dumb.

    i will stay with Hi Yahoo until they fix this…such
    is always the case with Version 1.0.0 of any software.

  • sanjay

    It works fine, the fact that you can see all your folders and move msgs into them is a big step forward from the WM version of this same application.

    Only thing is, it takes a second to figure out how to delete an email. Why they don’t have the buttons for move and delete always visible is beyond me. The same space is taken up once you click “Edit” and then you have to check the box for the email to move or delete. Three steps to accomplish what could be done on the main screen. Email is also not formatted for the Evo screen or more to the point, the smaller mobile screens. They should fix this.

    Also, no polling option on how often to check mail. I’m cautious that this may be a battery hog if there’s no way to check mail manually.

    The buttons along the bottom in the compose screen are prone to mispresses as they are too close together for just three of them. They should be better spaced apart. On two occasions I pressed the paperclip icon and opened the add picture dialog.

  • sanjay

    Oh, and the image above for yahoo mail is broken. URL not found.

  • holydevil

    It’s clearly mentioned that only Android 2.0 or higher is supported –

    “Yahoo! Messenger Android App is available for download via the Android Market globally, and support OS 2.0 or higher, including the popular Motorola Droid, HTC Incredible, Google Nexus One.”

    Also, check – (device support tab)


  • Scott Young

    works just fine for me, just checked again…

  • Michael

    Anyone know how to turn off the audible notification when a new email comes in? I just installed this app and the damn thing keeps dinging everytime a new email arrives. I don’t see any way to turn this off.


  • Ana

    How do I change my yahoo messenger picture on the mobile app? I have the HTC EVO and I can’t seem to find anywhere I can go to change the picture…

  • Doug

    I am unable to add a YM picture from the mobile app using my HTC EVO with Android 2.1. You apparently can do this thru the PC web interface (which is all blocked at my office). Also, the camera, pictures, and attachment buttons are all disabled in the Android mobile app. I do not have Yahoo Mail installed (don’t need yet another mail program). The whole process of sending ‘invites’ to the people you wish to link with to be cumbersome. Uninstalling – SMS unlimited messaging supports all this and video without another app running.

  • MichaelG

    How do you log off? There are no radio buttons or menu options to sign off?

  • JR


    Okay, figured it out, at least for my Captivate.

    Exit messenger by touching the smiley face icon with your user name, upper left under “Y! Messenger”. It opens a pull down menu with Available; Busy, Invisible to everyone and (duh) Sign out of messenger.

  • Jeff

    I can sign in YM for android with my Samsung Galaxy S,does anybody can help my problem please??

  • Jay

    You cannot delete contacts using Android Yahoo Messenger!? What is up with that?

    Here’s what Yahoo Help says about it

    “You can only delete contacts using the desktop version of Yahoo! Messenger. Once you have installed Yahoo! Messenger on your desktop computer, click the Help menu and select Messenger Help if you need more information.”

    Why wouldn’t that be a basic feature of the program? Kind of annoying!

  • Hotrodtrk

    cannot SMS from the new messenger update for the android(motorola). Does anyone know how to do it?

  • Paula

    Anyone know how to NOT sync Ymail contact with my Android contacts? I have the “do not sync” box checked, but it sync’d anyway. Annoying, I don’t want all my email contact mixed in with my phone contacts.

  • Alex

    I am also having the issue, I can’t send SMS to my friend through yahoo messenger. On my Iphone I could, is Yahoo an Iphone fan as well?

  • Irina

    Hey people. I have a question.
    During video calls, my rear camera is activated. How can I switch it to the front cam so that the other person can see me through the front camera??? if you know how, please help. Thanks.

  • Iris

    I would like to know why I can’t place a pic on my yahoo msngr when I’m mobile. I have a Samsung Epic. Its crazy because you can place a comment but on the box where you can put a pic in of you, when you click on it nothing happens. Please fix or help me on how to work this.

  • Alterna

    I would like to recommend you an application that I found on the market a few days ago. It has Yahoo Messenger, Gtalk, MSN and OCS and some really nice features. You cam download it from the marjet or from here

  • jesilyn

    How do I change my avatar pic on the samsung epic? On my blackberry it was easy

  • Marion Petersen

    I need help i want to down load yahoo messenger but can not cause can not read bar code with built in cam. I hope some one had gone to school and kept their common sense. Bar codes are pertty it you can make them work. So where is the url in plain english.

    You can send info on this to me (Marion Petersen)

  • bcjoe

    I download Android already, but does anyone know why my Yahoo messenger AUTOMATICALLY log me out and shows I’m offline? How could I fix this prob??
    I wanna instantly stay on my Yahoo messenger.Thanks

    Pls send info on this to me:

  • bcjoe

    About my quesiton above, I clicked “on-line” button on the top already, but after a while, it will show I’m offline, then, I have to log in again. However, I wanna keep my yahoo messenger “on-line”

  • Sam

    kindly asking about the cam in the video-call while using the yahoo messenger and change it to the secondary cam. thanks and best regards

  • rr12

    Unfortunately, it only allows the primary id to login (and use) and not the Alias.

  • Brittney

    How do i change the sound of when i get an IM or send and IM.

  • hamid

    i needs yahoo mail and yahoo messenger free software for android please send to me

  • Jen

    WHY AREN’T THE BOTTOM BUTTONS WORKING AT ALL? I cannot send a pic change the text or send a buzz. The only button that works is the emote button.

  • Linda

    Hi i jst got a new android phone with yahoo messenger(WHOO!)…howeva i couldnt logout, even after touching the smiley face under Y messenger. it opened a pull down menu with Available Busy Invisible and Custom Status. There was no logout or sign out…pls i need information on another way to logout ASAP…thank u

    • Viper1290

      hi, … i just got a new samsung galaxy S2 , and am having the same problem. having been searching for some answers , but have not found how to sign out without powering off , then restarting. Did you get the answer to this same situation? If so , could you please tell me how to sign out ….. thanks

  • tro1017


    Once you are in yahoo…click on your screen name (upper left corner)..drop down will appear and there are options in there..choose signout.

  • Chandrapriyadi

    go to setting – application – manage aplication
    find messenger and force stop

  • rr12


    The signout is located in your screen name. Go to the left upper corner, your screen name (it’s a button), click it, and there will be a selection > chose signout.

  • emwwee

    I can’t find the button to compose emails:( help me. Please.

    • hppsmom

      Did you ever figure out how?  I can’t figure it out either.

  • loren

    how can I turn off my yahoo mail from samsung galaxy 2

  • pooria



    I just recently purchased a 7 in craig notebook abd I cant get my yahoo email to load ob it? wHAT DO i DO?

  • william

    how am i to download for my htc phone

  • David

    Jan 11, 2012 ~ I still cannot figure out how to logoff. There is no “screen name” that some user have suggested I should click on. I do NOT want to leave my phone logged into Yahoo incase it is stolen or mislaid. How do you all logoff an account?

  • Guest

    how do i logout of yahoo. no screen name at the top left

  • Will

    Hi everybody,
    How can I move contact(s) from one group to another through this Yahoo!Messenger for Android?
    Or should I login through my PC first, move it, then go back to my Android phone?

    • Constantin Petrescu

      Yeah, I’d like to know that, too. So did you ever figure that out?!

      • frank amos

        It’s good to have your self on samsung galaxys5 but not with a good fingers to sign off.

  • Sunshinelovesme19

    How do I log out of yahoo messanger and remove my password and username.

  • Collette922

    How do I shut off the notification sounds on my yahoo mail for my droid Galaxy

  • Lori Phillips

    I logged into my yahoo mail and can’t find how to log out. i have a samsung intercept. i need the procedure to go thru to log it off…



  • Marius

    HOW TO SIGN OUT FROM YAHOO MAIL ON MY ANDROID? This is not a bug, is an ABUSE from Yahoo!!!!!!!!!

    • Concern

      on a samsung mobile phone, press your acccount name, then manage accounts will display, click the box with your email address, then press delete. A message box will show if you want to cancel or delete, press delete. Your phone will show that it is deleting your account. You can go back to your account anytime after that process.

  • Scott

    I can’t sign into an existing messenger accounton my Galaxy 5. I’m told the account is temporarily locked and to sign into a computer based messenger to unlock. On my computer I have already set the phone number I will access from. How do I gain account access on my phone?

  • Amy

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 and I am unable to send pictures or attachments through my yahoo messenger. Does anyone else have this problem and know how to fix it?

  • tammy

    Most times I can send photos and other times I cant can some one help I own a samsung 5s

  • bamna

    Hi.. am.unable to login yahoo messenger in my s5 device while using mobile data. It is perfectly ok when am in wifi mode. Anyone else facing the same problem. Please advise how to sort it out.

  • Altonette Moore

    I am unable to download a picture to my yahoo messenger on a so and galaxy note 4

  • lg tablet user

    IM suddenly doesn’t recognize user email addy and password on LG tablet. Works fine on other android. I cannot sign in on my LG tabet with the mobile android app. I tried uninstall and reinstall.

  • Corey

    I csn not change the ringtone on my yahoo messenger on my LG G3. Can anyone help? Please.

  • Km

    I cannot change and/or delete display images for Yahoo Messenger on my Galaxy S4. I’ve tried uninstalling the app..constantly clearing the cache. Short of deleting the ID account all together and creating a new one; the images are like ‘permanently’ there. What can I do?

    • mari

      I have dame problem with you. What worst now in my samsung s4 ymessenger do not open anymore it keep saying memory full even not.

  • liam

    Finally got my s5 going with yahoo messenger but now can not change eney think about my profile picture ect

  • Linda D. Gentile

    I can get emails, but can’t seem to send any. why aren’t my contacts linced?


    gd evzzz…

  • Sarah Tracy

    So after not using Yahoo for anything in well over 10 years, I had to download the Yahoo Messenger app today on my Samsung Note 4 Everything went smooth and what not, except for the fact I can change my profile picture. There is just a box with the shape of a person. I clicked on that, seeing that’s how you normally change profile pictures, but all that brought up was the options to change my status of: busy, online, or invisible. Seeing that other people in the comments are having the same issue with their Samsung Galaxy phones, but have yet to see an answer for this problem. It would be nice to find a solution to the problem.
    Thank You,

  • Liz Cass

    I am not liking the upgrade; I cannot customize anything with the new Messenger on my Note 4, I cannot send emoticons. With the upgrade, it erased my conversation history in my phone. Why can’t we have the option of the upgrade instead of it being automatic? I want the old version back. This one is so generic and when I try to set my profile pic it doesn’t save. Also, I cannot tell whether my contacts are online or not unless they send me a message..

  • debby sue

    how can I load an older version of yahoo messenger on my phone (Samsung galaxy s5)