Sync up your Microsoft Exchange notes to your Android device with Notes for Exchange

If your Android device is on your company Exchange server and you’re using the standard email app, chances are you’ve seen some glaring issues – namely, the inability to sync up your Exchange notes to your device. However, thanks to developer Hundera at XDA, the dreams of getting all those notes moved over have become a reality, thanks to Notes for Exchange.

According to the application thread:

Notes For Exchange is application to synchronize notes between Android and MS Exchange. This application will NOT store your Notes to some third-party server. It uses standard exchange synchronization of Appointments.
How it works?

“Notes for Exchange” has two parts:

* Outlook Add-in (, that will synchronized your notes with calendar appointments. It creates items at end of February 2048, so it will not collide with your standard events. Using standard Exchange synchronization, these are synchronized with your android phone.

* Android application (ExchangeNotes_x.apk), that displays these special “Appointment” as Notes. Also allows you to edit and delete them.

Android application can be used without Outlook add-in with any other calendar (e.g. gmail). In that case, it’s just simple notes application that stores notes into your calendar. During testing and usage of this application, no data were lost. But backup of Notes and Appointment is strongly recommended.

In other words, the application works by moving your notes over to your calendar and them storing them in a non-intrusive manner to your calendar. So, be sure to hit up the application thread to check it out, and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

[via xda]