Control your Android phone with your PC, unofficially of course

What Gadget geek hasn’t said to themselves, “boy, I wish I could control my phone via my PC”, or, “man, I wish I could record my Android device doing this or that”? Well, thanks to the folks over at xda-developers, it’s now a (relatively simple) reality. I just tested this method out on my  HTC Hero, and it works brilliantly. You’ll just need to install a few things.

Here’s the basic instructions:

Download Android sdk. Place android-sdk-windows folder on root of your C:\

Download(skip login) and install JRE(JDK) 6

Download the attached java file, unzip it, and just run it.
Place it anywhere you want. It doesnt have to be in the sdk folder like the screenshot program.

Make sure your phone is plugged in for a minute or two.
If you cant get it to control, run the automount app or dual mount sd widget.

Just a note… I had to go to the control panel and type the following to get the java program to recognize my phone:

cd C:\android-sdk-windows\tools

adb devices

And thats it! Easy to use remote control and screencasting for your Android device. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments.


  • James

    Can you actually inject touch events? Or is this merely exercising the ADB screenshot function in a loop so it looks animated?

  • Jason

    Tried it, very Laggy but shows promise! If this works via WiFi I would defintely like to see if I can use it to prevent theft.

  • owen

    i was angry becuase it didnt work but now with adb it works damn i feel stupid haha

  • Dustin Karnes

    @James: Yes, you can actually control it. It isnt just a stream of screenies. :)

  • Domingo

    Thanks for this. I really miss My Mobiler. I have an HTC Aria and I followed the steps given, but I cannot fully control the device. All I can do is use the top tabs: “Record,” “Explore,” “Open Url.” But I cannot use the ones at the bottom: “Home,” “Menu,” “Back,” “Search,”Call”…Is there something I’m missing here. What is “automount app” or “dual mount sd widget.” I barely got the phone. I’d appreciate your help. This is an awesome tool.

  • patrick

    does the phone have to be rooted for this to work?

  • patrick

    does the phone have to be rooted?

  • robert

    I got it to work and control the screen on a mytouch g3 also using wifi keyboard app. the home back etc. didn’t work in the program for me too.

  • Shawn

    I was unable to get the jnlp file to connect to my device. I tried following the rest of the directions, but I am not sure where you typed in the tools folder location and where the adb application resides.

  • Bo

    When I try and open the screencast program in step 3…I get an unable to open program message.

  • nadig

    i am getting screencasting but unable to control it remotely non of the tab is working….what should i do for it to wrk.

  • http://Downloadproblem Tom

    It’s not possible to “Download the attached java file, unzip it,…”
    Need usernavme and password…

  • John

    I installed the screencast file, I can view my screen BUT that’s it, i can’t click anything so not phone control. I’m on a rooted EVO too, pls help,

  • JohnD

    Same issue as John above. I can get the screen but no control. Rooted Samsung Captivate.

  • Steve

    The functionality only works on ROOTED devices. This means a phone that is open for custom installs (cracked or in iPhone terminology Jailbreak). Search the XDA forums about how to ROOT your device.
    I personally don’t want to so I’ll try Android VNC server.
    Have fun

  • JohnD

    Yep Captivate is rooted but it does not work.

  • menachem

    i’m able to see the phone (lg optimus v) but not control it. any idea’s??

  • churstuk

    I can see the screen but not control it
    Someone must know how to cure this

    rooted Samsung Galaxy S (Froyo)

  • churstuk

    If you can see but not use keyboard nor mouse, try this:

    adb shell
    chmod 777 /data/dalvik-cache
    cd /data/dalvik-cache
    chmod 777 ./*

    it works! full control

    • nerdnv

      where do i input this?

  • Hans Guenther

    Another hot tool for remote controlling your device is RPC Project check out here

  • JohnwD

    The chmod worked for me on my Captivate with 2.2. Full control except unlock.

  • Florin

    Hello churstuk,
    Could you please tell me from where I can run these shell commands?
    Thank you,

  • Derek

    Help! When I open the SDK Tools Setup, it says my JDK isn’t found and i’ve installed it twice. I’m running Win7 64bit. Any ideas?

  • kariya


  • raj

    This is awesome..thanks ! Only issue I had is that the screen is upside down ! I have a Dell Streak and when I have it right side up, the emulator is inverted. And I cannot use the landscape views as I dont know how to rotate the emulators view.
    I was really spoiled by the itunes pc software but I hate anything apple so was looking for software like this. This is a great start !

  • raj

    nm the above qn: i realized the left click did the trick
    this is great !! love it!

  • The J

    after running the shell commands – works like a charm!!!

    would be nicer if grafic was smoother, and if could type other languages besides English, but I must say this is the nearest (maybe even a bit better in some ways) than the Nokia PC Suite :)

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    Super-Duper site! I am loving it!! Will be back later to read some more. I am bookmarking your feeds also

  • Martin


    I have a question. I got a HTC desire, and i need to control it remotely. Can i control the phone from my computer at home, if my the phone is at my workplace?


  • Martin


    I have a question. I got a HTC desire, and i need to control it remotely. Can i control the phone from my computer at home, if my the phone is at my workplace?
    Please reply asap


    • Mutton

      Obviously you can….first download remote droid on pc…then download remote droid on your android phone…then DONE!!! Open the application on pc first then on phone…it’s easy..

      • Worlebird

         That totally won’t work – how can he open the application on his phone from home, when his phone is at work?  Read the question.

  • Alma de Maria

    Hi. I’m an iPhone user. (don’t scream at me..)  My iPhone it jailbroken and I have a computer tech background. My only exposure to Android smartphones, is that from my parent’s devices.
    Both of my parents are in their mid 70’s.  BOTH recently have an Android phone. My dad has a Samsung Transform that has a special work related app on it and my mom, a geek-wanna-be who wants the latest stuff but has no clue, has a new Droid Bionic. They both want to be able to call me with any problems they might have. Rooting these phones is not an option in either case.  Can I still use these instructions to set up remote controlling of their phones if they request it?  Thanks for your help in advance!

    • ronald deasy

      why would you ask that here? NO you cannot root it with just that information alone listed, check out the community development forums by XDA DEVELOPERS so you can learn how to program/root/get their smart phones up to par

      • speeb

        Why are you answering a question he did not ask? He specifically said that rooting was NOT an option.

  • king

    wow, works perfect, known issue is, why is it so laggy

  • Borrad

    verryyyy slooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • Cstranger

    Thx, nice tool, but doesn’t stream video. Anything else I can use?

  • Kenzin

    does not work, all I get is a login screen with IP: but I cannot choose login since the button is not availble

  • Kenzin

    does not work, all I get is a login screen with IP: but I cannot choose login since the button is not availble

  • nerdnv

    Please help someone! I can’t get the app to launch, it says “unable to launch application” every time I open the java app. Plus I can’t seem to find the control panel you was referring to. I really need this to work because my digitizer cracked and therefore I can’t use the phone to retrieve important stuff or put the phone in usb mode.

  • bhipster

    You have to be rooted huh?

    • jq

      do you?

  • Ian Herndon

    cd C:android-sdk-windowstools didn’t work for me, it looks like the file was moved to sdkplatform-tools – after switching there the adb command worked and i was no longer getting a timeout error.

  • LoneWanderer

    Is there any chance of someone screen caping the set up of this and posting it?

  • MauroZ

    Thanks Justin: Works defy-mini xt321 rooted.

    Thanks churstuk: To use keybord and mouse it’s works:

    adb shell
    chmod 777 /data/dalvik-cache

    Does not need chmod others files:

    • IrvinMarc

      unable to CHMOD /data/dalvik-cache; Operation not permitted

  • Karl Perkins

    Can you use all functions of the phone using this. Basically i have a htc wildfire s with a broken screen and basically want to know can i access the settings to activate the wifi tethering so i can use the phone as a sort of mifi device so i can use my Samsung tablet with only wifi out and about

  • lkrhynes

    does not work, all I get is a login screen with IP: but I cannot choose login since the button is not availble. Trying to get my info off phone, before I have to send my phone in.

  • Alix Penrose

    I am lost. I have downloaded all files, installed all I can. I run screencast and get basically a black box with ‘Record Explore Open URL’ at the top and then ‘Home Menu Back Search Call End call’ at the bottom. How do I get so that I see my phone’s screen???? My phone is not rooted (and I can’t as my digitizer is completely blown). I have some stuff on my phone that is important for me to get a hold of. Would buying a new Atrix and switching the motherboards be the easiest solution???

  • efi

    does not work, all I get is a login screen with IP: but I cannot choose login since the button is not available. Trying to get my info off phone, before I have to send my phone in.

  • cha cha cha

    How does one skip the login as mentioned for the download of JDK 6?