Sprint LTE and a Sprint/Tmo iPhone? Say what?

Well ladies and gentlemen, the rumor mill is up and at it again. We’ve got some tidbits from some people in the Sprint store that you might find interesting.

-Sprint not only has plans to use LTE, but they’re equipped to do so right now. Certain Sprint stores are already equipped with three radios: CDMA, Wimax, and *gasp* LTE. As of right now though, the LTE radio is turned off. This shouldn’t surprise too many people, as Sprint has not only said that they would consider LTE, but a few analysts already thought they were putting money into building an LTE network.

-Sprint and T-Mobile will be getting the iPhone 4S. “It’s kind of a leap-frog system where AT&T/Verizon take turns getting the newer model first, then with Sprint/T-Mobile” What this is basically saying is that the iPhone 5 will probably be out first on AT&T/Verizon, and then Sprint/T-Mobile.

–The Sprint iPhone will carry a data charge of $89.99 instead of $69.99 a month. We can assume this is either Sprint preparing for a massive spike in their data usage, or perhaps extra costs associated with carrying the iPhone. The point is, there will be a different pricing model than what we’re used to for the iPhone on Sprint.

What do you make of all this? And with plans to give T-Mobile an iPhone in line with Sprint, what do you think Apple’s thinking about the AT&T/Tmo merger? Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks F(RED)!

edit: adding to the plausibility, the tip off man has been confirmed to be a store manager. Not exactly highest on the command latter, but someone who probably knows what will be in his store in the following months. Again, thanks F(RED)!

About the Author: Andrew Greenfield

Andrew Greenfield was born and raised in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. He is currently attending THE Ohio State University where he is majoring in Honors Industrial & Systems Engineering. He was allowed to pick a smartphone for college and has been surgically attached to his Evo ever since. When not playing around with his phone, Andrew enjoys playing frisbee, football, soccer, Super Smash Bros, fixing the technology for the technologically impaired, and making fun of M*chigan fans.

  • JPB

    More competition on all fronts for Verizon and AT&T and of course, the Android vendors.

    It’s all good. Keeps the prices down and the innovation coming.

  • Seriously

    Hm…evo 3d…or iphone 4s…hm…

  • Brett6781

    WiMax has a potential to out speed any other 4G tech, so I doubt they have LTE in the works… the iPhail is another story, most of sprint’s current users are on there for their Android lineup (Evo, NS4G, ect.) And won’t want an iPhone. Besides, with all the carriers having an iPhail device, serously doubt that network coverage will be as stressed as when only one carrier hd the device. Especially since the iPhail isn’t seen by a vast majority of the market as high tech anymore… especially since it doesn’t have 4G even with the new iPhail 5…

  • Seriously

    Well, Brett6781 it’s good to know you don’t want the iPhone, but I can tell you the majority of people are on Sprint for their pricing and NOT their phone selection. It’sgreat business for Sprint to add the iPhone to their lineup.
    Fandroid fail.

  • RaysWayz

    I agree with Seriously. Every person I know that’s with Sprint (myself included), are with the carrier because of pricing. Sprint is the ONLY carrier with unlimited data (AT&T caps theirs, T-Mobile throttles theirs, and Verizon just nick el and dimes everyone. Just a little tidbit… If Sprint was so interested in WiMax, then why have they been running 4G LTE trials in Kansas City? It’d be smarter to cuts their losses with ClearWire and go with the standard: LTE.

  • http://technocliq.com Gordon

    I was going to reply to brett but the other two comments covered it. Sprint needs the iPhone it is that Simple.


    If the merger with AT&T and T-Mo goes through they will be a world of hurt. The best phones normally goes to the networks that have the most subscribers. They have more pull with OEMS and Network suppliers. Sprint will be outspent on the network equipment by both AT&T & Verizon, plus these two will continue to get the best devices. Sprint will get the scrapes, you know this is true. It took them how long after the Epic 4G to launch the shift 4G, then they took the ECHO and finally getting the 4G Nexus S and EVO 3D. Verizon, TMO, AT&T continue to get phones at a faster pace.

    So going LTE and get iPhone will win over customers who are tired of AT&T but still want to enjoy unlimited mobile to any mobile, unlimited data and cheaper rate rates.

    iPhail is surprise seeing as how the iPhone 4 still sells millions of devices and most people use Android because simply there is no options on their carrier.

    Android- 6 or 7 Phones
    2009 webOS phones pre- pixi
    1 Windows Phone 7

    The choices for anything but Android really sucks on every carrier but Verizon and AT&T. Yet fanboys from both camps are trying to declare a victor while this smartphone market is still young. Wait till people have more choice phones with different OS’s.

  • Mike

    I work at Sprint. All rumors. No LTE radios on stores, No iPhone or iPhone plan pricing. All nothing but rumors and lies.

  • Bob

    Oh thank God, I may not have to buy a POS Android or Windows 7 phone after all!

  • bigdog

    Gee Brett, maybe you should do some more reading before you go spouting off on supposed failures. Just because you don’t like the iPhone because you cannot afford one, does not mean it is a failure. Maybe you should follow the link to find out what is really going on in the mobile phone market.http://www.npd.com/press/releases/press_110428.html

  • RT

    great, I’ll have to deal with idiots like bob in the sprint store now. Just peachy.

  • The__Omega_Man

    Thanks bigdog for once again showing the blatant ignorance of the typical ifan.

  • Karmen

    Would be the 1st in line to get Iphone on my Sprint network sick of my Android battery life is awful. Blackberry no touchscreen on Sprint network that would have been an option for me only no TOUCHSCREEN. I feel if Sprint ups there data plan it will be will worth it, However as a Sprint Customer of 10yrs looks like they would just switch everything over to stay the same. Want Sprint Iphone 4 my birthday. LOL

  • madtrucker

    your all f*ckin idiots except brett its called the iphail cuz its an outdated piece of shit i had a 3gs for 3 weeks and not one moment went by i didnt wanna smash it and kill it with fire. useless no customization what so ever yea great battery life cuz i had absolutely no use other than phone call but it’d drop 99% of them anyways so yea apples gettin hard up for mindless fucktards to buy their SHIT iphail cuz my evo can do lots and lots more and then some

  • justin

    the cell phone world in America has become such a gross mess. i don’t even want to think about details like this anymore. who gets the best cell phones first? the ones who gives the most back rubs. so stupid.

  • FanDroidBoy

    LTE on Sprint is very real gents. We are a huge Sprint/NexTel customer and we had a very interesting presentation regarding Sprints hardware migration path to supporting LTE. The hardware that is currently being deployed is configurable to support WiMax or LTE. I will believe I when I see it but they assured usthat LTE is in their long term plans. Anyone who thinks the average Sprint customer is not going to get excited about an iPhone is kidding themselves. I will stick with my Droid for the same reason I stick with my PC, I have more control over the system and I can write my own apps with ease.

  • Jolene

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  • http://n/a austio309

    im not a fanboy of either but i will have to say each have theyr flaws. iphone is lacking in technology but they sell so much of what they make because of apples amazing marketing team. and they engineeers hat design it, the iphone is sexy but it is always a step behind in technology. android on the other hand is great fast and companys can bring whatevr. whenevr but android does not have they amount of experience as the iphone has in the market. everyone knows about droids but what most iphone users think of droids is the battery life . and this is a major problem that for the most part is fixed . i know, my firrst android phone was a htc hero. i couldnt stand it because of battery so i switched to a black berry and i recently jusst swiched to nexus s 4g and its great. but im always open to another iphone but i wont get another iphone until apple brings something to the tble that will match up or beat the samsung galaxy s 2 . apple needs to do a lot less controlling and more open mindness. Apple put a 5 mp camera on the phone and all of a sudden is revolutionary. my hero from 2 years ago had that. come on apple do something revolutionary for the industry not just revolutionary for your company

  • http://www.cellfanatic.com Nick Marshall

    As they say, hindsight is 20/20. The 89.99 plans for the Sprint iPhone 4S would have really wrecked the launch (though I suspect the slow 3G data speeds are doing some of that). The move to LTE was pretty much a no brainer. That relationship with ClearWire has been deteriorating at a rapid pace and anyone who has tried a Verizon 4G smartphone knows the speed can double and often triple WiMax speeds.

  • Carlosvinson94

    Hey I live in milwaukee WI and all we get is 3G from sprint I have a GS2 but can’t use my 4G unless im by the airport or in a Wimax area I live 4 blocks from a sprit store and still can’t pick up Wimax but sprit my have lte but that’s not saying milwaukee will have it i’ve been dealing with sprint for yrs and still can’t get full pleasure of 4G sprint needs to get off their ass and get the job done!!!!!!!