Google Addresses Android Security Issue, Rolling Out a Fix Now

As expected, Google is planning to address that security issue we mentioned earlier with that good o’l Google swiftness.  The security bug exposed users’ sensitive data when on an unsecured WiFi network.

Google’s official statement:

Today we’re starting to roll out a fix which addresses a potential security flaw that could, under certain circumstances, allow a third-party access to data available in calendar and contacts. This fix requires no action from users and will roll out globally over the next few days.

Initially, the bug allowed predators to access contacts, calendar and Picasa Web albums utilizing the ClientLogin authentications protocol.  As you can see, Google has begun rolling out the server-side fix to address the Contacts and Calendar issue, however, it doesn’t address the Picasa one since it is not as vital as having your contacts and calendar exposed.  Seeing a picture of you is one thing, but knowing where you’ll be and what you’re doing at any given time is a little scary.

The auto update is being pushed out now and should be complete by weeks end.  Google’s engineers will continue to try to fix the Picasa Web Albums issue and asks for your patience.  They will roll out that update just as soon as it’s ready.  Did you receive yours already?  Let us know about it in the comments below.

[via intomobile]

  • Andre Santos

    Are you sure the “fix” is an Android update? I think it must be something in the server side, as (unfortunately) Google have no means to update the vast majority of handsets without the carriers and manufacturers participating in the process.

    I think the “roll out” they talk about refers to the processo of updating all their servers around the world, not the handsets.

    • Joe Sirianni

      Yes Andre, I apologize, it’s a server-side issue. I have corrected the article to reflect that.

  • kooky

    Our patients? I didn’t know anybody was sick. I didn’t know you guys were doctors either.

    • Joe Sirianni

      Thanks for pointing out my brain fart kooky. This has not been my day.