Will Motorola stop production of the XOOM? Not likely

Yesterday DigiTimes reported that Motorola will start to slow production of the XOOM in April and eventually stop by June. BGR contacted Motorola for a statement and they said the report is inaccurate and they will continue to manufacture the XOOM.

According to DigiTimes, Motorola ordered between 700,000 and 800,000 units for the first quarter. For April, orders will be 300,000 and May will be below that. The source said that they were not sure of the reason, but felt it was either because they will produce another version of the XOOM or they will re-evaluate their position in the tablet market.

Earlier in the year Motorola Mobility CEO, Sanjay Jha, said he expects total XOOM shipments to be 3 to 5 million units for 2011. He also hinted that they would offer different tablet sizes.

I think Motorola will be in the tablet market for the long haul. Every Android phone maker will have tablets out by June and I doubt Motorola will just abandon this growing market.

[via bgr]

  • digov

    It’s logical results,in the heads of these guys from motorola definitely something is wrong,it’s crazy to sell above the price of the “King”-Apple,like or not you have to play this Apple’s game,and no,I’m not Apple fan,but moto’s guys must be much better educated, otherwise they will be out of the game sooner than later,funny guys,very very funny:)

  • http://xoomtabletblog.com/ Bobby Mikels

    Cutting production of Motorola Atrix is so ridiculous. I just can’t see the reason why Motorola have to do that considering it has just been released less than 2 months ago. They should give at least 6 months time frame to see how it will survive in the market. Maybe they are right that it is released before its time. Another alternative is pushing the production of Xoom WiFi only version because this might be their salvation.

  • anon

    Motorola needs to clarify their position. I’m not interested in buying a tablet from a company that is planning to stop supporting tablets. We don’t know that this is the case with Motorola, but the uncertainty is enough for me to pass on the xoom.

  • AG

    @ Anon: even if motorola stops making xoom, the support software won’t, because it is Google Experiment device and Google updates it not motorola.

  • Stewart

    I planned on returning my Xoom to get a wifi only one and save a little cash since I only need it for development and for reading where wifi is available. I haven’t even activated the 3g yet and not missing it. Now when I return it, I may not pick up a new one.

    Even though these are rumors it lays some uncertainty for the future of the xoom. While it is a great tablet and I love it, but there are many areas motorola could have improved it and I would not be surprised if they wanted to revise it so soon. What bothers and worries me the most its that there has yet to be a software update and the thing is buggy as hell, and now verizon is apples newest fanboy so the future its not looking promising for motorola, xoom or verizon. Come on sprint and htc give me something worth buying, soon.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nee0102 Renee Chiang

    Same here!