Google Glass makes a very quiet comeback (but not for consumers)

Google Glass was one of Google’s most exciting projects when it launched, but it was a pretty short-lived experiment. It was awkward, without purpose, and ended up on ban lists across the country over privacy concerns. It was a cool device that never really found a home with consumers.

Outside of consumers, though, Google Glass found a niche in the workplace, and Alphabet has quietly been supporting a resurgence of the HUD device for enterprise customers, building a version of the headset specifically to go over existing glasses and offer real-time information for workers that need their hands completely free.

The new headset is being called the Google Glass Enterprise Edition, and it’s in use by giant companies like Boeing and GE, as well as medical professionals. While many of these companies are still running things in a testing basis, it’s a very promising situation for a device that was otherwise completely dead, especially considering the Google X division has been working on this for the past few years.

Alphabet has managed to keep this device mostly under the radar, but today they’re lifting the NDA on the device, which is why it’s circulating so rapidly after years of radio silence. That also means Alphabet will be opening up the device to more and more businesses, which might help it continue it’s specific but successful growth.

source: Wired

About the Author: Jared Peters

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