New Pixel XL 2 details leak, including Ambient Display and squeeze tech

Hopefully you’re not tired of hearing about the Pixel XL 2 just yet, since the rumor mill is really starting to ramp up. After hearing about the new design of the phone, now we’re getting some details about just what kind of technology Google wants to put in their larger flagship later this year. The good news? There’s a lot of cool stuff here.

We’re pretty certain that Google will be using an LG OLED display, and that means it’s capable of some newer display features that we’ve seen in other phones, including Always On displays and some fine-tuned color options. XDA has confirmed the Ambient Display, which will allow the phone to display information and notifications without fully turning the screen on, and the display profiles will allow users to choose and customize their display to make things more accurate or more vivid, depending on what they’re after.

The frame of the device will also support squeeze gestures, nicking a page straight out of HTC’s playbook. However, the Pixel XL 2 will support squeezing the frame while the screen is off, adding an extra layer of functionality to the device. You can bet you’ll primarily see this as a quick way to launch Google Assistant.

We’re learning more and more about the Pixel XL 2, but there are still some questions about whether or not these features and designs will make their way to the smaller Pixel 2, or if they’ll all be reserved for the bigger variant.

source: XDA Developers

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