1 million installs reached by Google’s Pixel Launcher

The app’s listing on Google Play gives us an idea of how many phones have been sold.

It was October 2016 when the Google Pixel was released, and eight months later the phone’s official launcher has eclipsed at least 1 million installs. A tip given to Droid Life by one Pixel owner shows the Play Store’s listing of the app and its milestone.

While listings on the Play Store don’t give a specific number of installs, we do get a range to see. Right now the Pixel Launcher sits between 1 million and 5 million installs; however, being that the milestone was just reached, the current number likely sits closer to the base. It’s up from 500,000 installs reached in December.

That number of installs should tell us Google has sold no less than 1 million Pixel phones worldwide. Rather than opening the app for all devices, the Pixel Launcher is exclusive for the Pixel. So we know the number of installs isn’t influenced by anything but Pixel phones.

You can get an unofficial copy of the Pixel Launcher for your phone if needed. It was recreated for non-Pixel phones by a Reddit user, and you don’t even have to root. The port, which really is nothing more than what Google could do itself, works on all phones after downloading and installing the APK.

Via: Droid Life

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    I use the Pixel launcher on the Google Pixel Tablet, has anyone put that into the equation?

    • Duder12

      Even though its similar its actually a different app on the Pixel C. So not the same playtore listing which means separate numbers.