Nest is working on a 4K WiFi camera with new smart features

Nest was one of the first to market with a smart WiFi camera solution, but now that’s a pretty common type of device from tons and tons of other manufacturers. So what’s Nest’s plan to stay ahead of the game? Try 4k recording with some intelligent zoom functions.

Yep, Nest is reportedly working on a new WiFi camera that’s capable of recording in 4k resolution. I say capable of recording in 4k resolution, because Nest isn’t actually planning on using it as an extremely high resolution camera. Instead, the camera records in 4k then zooms in to 1080p, depending on where it detects movement. It’s a useful trick that guarantees you’ll always have access to crisp, clear footage, regardless of where the action is happening. It also helps reduce the strain on your WiFi network, since it won’t be streaming 4k footage all over the place.

Alongside the new camera, Nest is also reorganizing some of its premium features, including moving some features from the paid tier down to the free tier. It’s not exactly clear which features are being moved to which cameras, but the announcement is set to happen before the end of the month, so we’ll know very soon.

source: Android Police

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