HTC Edge Sense prematurely makes its way to the Play Store

HTC has been quietly hyping up the ability to squeeze the sides of its upcoming flagship device, but they haven’t really told us what that does. 360-degree video capture was teased as a function just a few days ago, but otherwise, we don’t know anything about it.

Good news for us is that HTC accidentally published the HTC Edge Sense application to the Google Play Store ahead of the HTC U 11’s actual launch. It’s been pulled since then, but the internet is forever, so we have screenshots.

The app confirms that the sides of the phone are squeezable, but also that you can use it to do things like capture photos and start Google Assistant.

There are still plenty of questions about the phone, but it’s going to be announced on May 16th, so we don’t have to wait much longer to find out.

source: Android Police