Alcatel Idol 5 makes some stops on Geekbench on way to market

Alcatel is getting a new device ready in their Idol series of smartphones, which should be marketed as the Idol 5. The device showed up in the past few days in the Geekbench database revealing both some specs for the mid-range smartphone and some insight as to how companies continue to tweak and improve their offerings.

The version of the phone that appeared in Geekbench this week is powered by a Snapdragon 625 which was running at 2.21 GHz and came equipped with 3GB of RAM. For comparison purposes, in this test the device scored 929 on the single-core test and 4410 on the multi-core test whereas a test in February produced scores of 824 and 3421 respectively. Clearly Alcatel’s engineers have been working to tweak and optimize how well the device runs.

Besides these two Geekbench appearances, the device has also surfaced running a MediaTek 6757 processor running at 2.3GHz matched with 2GB of RAM. Yet another test of a device that was identified as the Idol 5S has been spotted running the same MediaTek chip but equipped with 3GB of RAM.

The different combinations of processors and chips seems to indicate Alcatel is planning to run different chipsets in different geographic markets. Likely this will end up being Snapdragon powered devices for North American markets, including the U.S., and MediaTek equipped devices for Asian markets.

Besides the mid-range processors and mid-range amounts of RAM, the Idol 5 will come with a 5.2-inch screen running at a full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution. The smartphone is also expected to come equipped with a 12MP camera and an 8MP front-facing selfie camera.

No word has surfaced yet on when Alcatel may plan to release these latest versions to their Idol series of smartphones.

source: Geekbench
via: phoneArena

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  • Paul

    I’d be more impressed if they would do some security updates to the Idol 4 series. In fact they need to do security patches to almost all of their phones of recent. The Idol 4 and 3 were very nice phones. The 4 is the DETEK50 in all aspects save for the BB software. Lack of updates make them irrelevant. Just remember this: If you will buy an Idol 5 you will MAYBE get one update then you’re left in the cold.