Alphabet’s Eric Schmidt hypes Andy Rubin’s phone, says it’s “coming very soon”

It’s no secret that Eric Schmidt and Andy Rubin are friends after all the years they spent together working at Google. When Rubin was brought in over a decade ago to continue developing Android, Schmidt was Google’s chairman and chief executive officer. The two were employed by Google at the same time from 2005 to 2014. There’s no doubt they’ve kept in touch since Rubin left the company on good terms.

Schmidt, who’s now Alphabet’s chairman, went ahead and expressed support for his former colleague’s next endeavor earlier today on Twitter.

These days Rubin is readying himself to reenter the mobile industry. Essential, a company he started with industry veterans on his side, will announce and release a new phone in 2017 powered by Android. Artificial intelligence and automation are the focus for Essential’s debut device. Schmidt, meanwhile, spends his time as Alphabet’s chairman.

The crossing of the duo’s paths came closer as Schmidt shared Rubin’s recent teaser with his 1.83 million followers on Wednesday afternoon.

Essential’s phone, according to Schmidt, is “coming very soon” along with additional “phenomenal choices” powered by Android. A launch date wasn’t provided, but it’s interesting for Alphabet’s chairman to tweet this when he did. Samsung’s Unpacked event for the Galaxy S8 and S8+ was going on at the same time. So it looks like a subtle way to let consumers know that yet another high-end Android phone is on the way.

On a larger level, Schmidt’s tweet is fueling speculation that Essential will have a pressence at Google I/O 2017 in May. Google would, without a doubt, welcome Rubin and his new company back to Mountain View to show what they’ve been working on. Our current theory is that, when detailing Android O, Google will introduce Essential’s phone as a launch device and let Rubin share what makes it special.

Only time will tell, but there’s a growing feeling following Schmidt’s tweet that Essential’s first phone will debut at Google I/O 2017 in May.

Source: Eric Schmidt (Twitter)

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