Even without Android, ‘Super Mario Run’ easily crosses 40 million downloads


It’s only been out for four days, but Super Mario Run is breaking records despite being available on just one platform.

A press release from Nintendo states that the title, which is their first major mobile game, has generated more than 40 million downloads worldwide. It certainly helped that Super Mario Run launched in 140 countries.

Its opening push has landed Super Mario Run on a number of highest-grossing charts throughout the world.

Maybe an asterisk should be put next to the figure, at least for now. Super Mario Run is a free-to-play game up until you complete the opening three levels. Getting the full game actually costs $9.99, but Nintendo isn’t saying the number of people who paid to keep going.

The accomplishment is pretty impressive regardless since the game is not yet available on Android devices. When the iPhone 7 was announced in September, Nintendo joined Apple in revealing Super Mario Run and an exclusive agreement to put the game on iOS first. Nintendo hasn’t needed another platform to bring the masses in. The user base on iOS expressing interest in the game is enough for immediate growth on record-setting levels.

Nintendo will release Super Mario Run for Android in 2017.

Source: Nintendo

About the Author: Justin Herrick

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  • Jeena Bittenbender

    Wish I could have it but I refuse to pay for it. I’m protesting I think…

    • http://www.talkandroid.com Brad Ward

      I bought it this week. It’s well worth it. Feels like a classic Mario game!

      • Jeena Bittenbender

        Are there in app purchases also??

    • Rodrigo Freijanes

      I think is too much for a mobile game.
      Here in Brazil costs more than USA, for example. It’s almost 5% of a month salary (minimum).
      I have the money, love the game, but I can’t be cool if I pay it.