Google hired writers from Pixar, The Onion to bring personality to Google Assistant

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Chat bots and other virtual assistants have quickly become a popular way to not only get information, but to provide entertainment and the feeling of chatting with an actual human. To continue to breathe more life into its new AI platform, Google has reportedly hired writers from various Pixar films as well as The Onion to bring humor and a bigger personality to Google Assistant.

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Before there was Google Assistant, there was Google Now. It was an easy and quick way to get information such as weather, news, upcoming calendar appointments, etc. While the direct approach Google Now took was indeed helpful, there was always a lack of, say, personality to it, especially when compared to AI bots like Siri and Cortana. There are countless web sites and videos that show off humorous responses from bots like Siri, and while telling jokes is not the same as getting restaurant reviews, it became clear that users love to feel like they are actually interacting with the platform rather than just doing a glorified web search.

Enter Google Assistant. It was clear right from the start back at Google I/O that the Mountain View company was taking a different approach to getting information from what it had established with Google Now. Even though Google Assistant doesn’t have a “name” in the same way as Siri or Cortana, Google still wanted it to have a strong personality that could engage with the user and be tailored individually based on how the user interacts with it.


It’s unclear if the Pixar and The Onion writers are newly hired, or if they have been working with Google on Google Assistant for a while now. Already there are many ways you can interact with Google Assistant that feel like chatting with an actual human. From telling jokes, playing games, and of course getting quick and specific information, it’s clear that Google wants you to be spending a lot of time chatting with Google Assistant. Currently Google Assistant is only found in Google’s Allo messaging app, but with the system level integration of Google Assistant within the upcoming Google Pixel phones and Google Home speaker, this is surely only the beginning.

If you have been using Google Assistant, what fun ways have you found to interact with it?

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