Prices for Google Home and new 4K Chromecast have leaked


October 4th is all but certain to tell us how to actually purchase Google Home (as well as some fancy new phones) but it looks like the price tags for Google’s upcoming home automation assistant have leaked ahead of time.

If you were expecting Google Home to be a cheap device in the realm of the $30, you’re probably going to be a little disappointed. The leak points the device with a $129 price tag, which is obviously quite a bit more than a Chromecast, but it does significantly more, too. To keep that in perspective, the closest competitor to Google Home is the Amazon Echo which sells for $179.99, although the Echo Tap matches the price point.

Google Home won’t make its way into everyone’s living room with a cutthroat price tag, but hopefully this means Google will have the margins to build a quality device.

In other news, expect to see a Chromecast Ultra at Google’s October event! This will be Google’s 4K-enabled Chromecast that will very likely be similar in functionality, but able to display supported 4K content. There’s not a ton of that yet, but Netflix has a few things to keep your going until it’s more mainstream. It will also support HDR, which has been a hot selling point for things like the PS4 Pro and Xbox One S, both of which are using HDR to move units alongside just 4K resolution.

And don’t worry, no one expects the cheaper Chromecast to leave the market, if you’re happy with 1080p and the older design.

source: Android Police

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