Nintendo’s market value hits $42 billion two weeks after launch of ‘Pokémon Go’


Shares of Nintendo surged another 14% today, bringing the company’s market value to a whopping 4.5 trillion yen ($42.5 billion USD), according to a new report from Reuters. This news comes just a week after Pokémon Go launched in the US.

Pokémon Go‘s popularity has exploded, especially as its creators Niantic and Nintendo have expanded its availability to 34 additional countries. A recent report revealed that Pokémon Go had already generated $14 million in revenue, though that number has no doubt astronomically grew since then.

Shares today were up by 14.4%, trading at 31,770 yen per share. According to Reuters, this puts Nintendo’s gains at a whopping 100% since the game’s original launch on July 6.

No one saw the success of this game coming, not even Nintendo or Niantic; however, it does rekindle some hope that Nintendo will be able to capitalize off of Pokémon Go‘s success for other upcoming games. Will they see as much success as Pokémon Go? Maybe not, but this certainly does put Nintendo in a very good position, whereas things were looking fairly bleak for the company not too long ago.

Pokémon Go is currently available in 35 countries. The popularity and success of the game is expected to increase as Niantic makes the hit title available in more regions. However, it’s also likely that things will die down over the next couple months, which is when we’ll be able to get a better idea of what Pokémon Go‘s player base will look like on a consistent basis.

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source: Reuters

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