HTC 10 gets caught in the wild


HTC’s next flagship smartphone is on the way. We’ve seen just about all the device has to offer from a design standpoint through recent leaks, but this is the first glimpse of the device powered on.

A pair of images have surfaced in the wild revealing more information on HTC’s upcoming flagship smartphone. Both shots closely resemble what we’ve seen from past leaks, thus giving us a good idea of what to expect. We still don’t know if the company will stay in line with past iterations and name the flagship the HTC One M10 or, as recent rumors suggest, just HTC 10.

Judging from the leaked photos, the smartphone appears to take traits from a much older generation, the One M8. The camera lens is round again, ditching the square-shaped lens on the One M9 from last year. The flash has also been upgraded to a dual-tone LED.



On the front side we can see that the device is turned on. We can also note the bottom of the device which sports a physical home button and two capacitive keys for recent apps and going back to a previous page. Based off a previous leak, the physical home button will double as a fingerprint scanner.

The front appears quite similar to the recently launched One A9. Everything else looks to remain the same such as the front-facing camera and side-mounted power and volume controls. The only change is a slight alteration in the design of the HTC icons such as the messenger, camera, dialer.

What do you think of the HTC 10 thus far? Let us know your opinion in the comments down below.

Source: Tanalibera (Twitter)

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  • Guest7769

    Might be worth giving it a shot. Now that the phone will carry the new SD820 processor. I just wish the phone was a little smaller but at least it isn’t as big as most. I keep hoping the phablet era will end. This phone looks like a good replacement from my M8.

  • Esch

    Looks like it will end up being my replacement phone. I love the look after the Samsung, but hate the bloat. The LG is nice, but just not feeling it.

  • Bob

    Yep, buying this for sure.