Google named its self-driving car campus roads after famous car movies

Google's self-driving car street names

I personally haven’t mentioned it too much, but I don’t really find these autonomous cars to look that nice. You can tell right away that they were designed on a computer by “computer people”. However, Google’s computer people may be car people after all.

Look at the map above, it is a road map of Google’s self-driving car testing facility — named “Castle”. It was named this because it used to be the Castle Air Force Base. However, just look at the names. I would of assumed Google engineers would of named them after boring things like “road A1”, “section 42”, “54546-7”, or other random boring numbers purely for testing purposes. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Google named them mostly after car movie references.

There is “Toretto Way”, which is Vin Diesel’s character in the Fast & Furious, “Eleanor” after the super famous Shelby GT500 in Gone in 60 Seconds, even “McQueen Lane”, which I am assuming is after actor Steve McQueen in Bullitt. I still don’t think the Google self-driving cars look cool, but I have hope for the future now.

Source: Backchannel
Via: TheVerge

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