Motorola ‘360S’ and ‘360L’ listed on Anatel in Brazil, could be two Moto 360 models


Motorola recently leaked the next-generation Moto 360 on Twitter, leading us to believe the smartwatch is just over the horizon. Now, it seems that Motorola could offer the new smartwatch in a couple different sizes!

Brazilian telecommunications regular Anatel listed two new Motorola devices for certificaiton: the 360S and the 360L. While these are obviously the new smartwatch models, that’s not the only thing that’s impressive.

Anatel’s documentation says the 360S has a 275mAh battery and the 360L features a 375mAh battery in addition to both sporting the usual Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities.

The original Moto 360 had a 320mAh battery, so we’re not exactly sure what Motorola plans on packing in these new models. The most obvious speculation is that “S” stands for small and “L” stands for “large.”

We’re not exactly sure what this means, other than Motorola could offer better sizing variations with the next Moto 360. What we do know is that Motorola’s next smartwatch is in the works, and we’ll no doubt hear about soon, as we’re quickly coming up on the original Moto 360’s birthday.

source: 9to5Google