T-Mobile is officially the number 1 prepaid carrier in the US

John Legere

Much emphasis gets put on the contract side of T-Mobile’s business and how it competes with Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint, but the prepaid section of the market has been a point of focus for the Un-carrier too. According to John Legere, that focus has paid off, as T-Mobile has officially passed the other three carriers to become the top prepaid carrier in the US.

Recent figures say T-Mobile has 15.64 million prepaid customers, just above Sprint’s 15.19 million. AT&T lags behind with just 11.34 million, and Verizon only has 6.04 million prepaid subscribers (although this number is likely to see some pretty big gains now that Verizon is offering LTE access to prepaid customers) Thanks to the MetroPCS Merger, T-Mobile has steadily been growing its prepaid market share, and it has really paid dividends.

On top of fantastic prepaid numbers, T-Mobile has obviously been growing in leaps and bounds against contract carriers, beating out both Verizon and AT&T in quarterly growth. Because of this growth, John Legere claims that T-Mobile will surpass Sprint as the nation’s third largest wireless carrier by the end of the year. That’s a pretty bold claim, but Legere has never had a problem with setting high goals for his company.

source: T-Mobile

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  • Bruce

    Good for T-Mobile. Too bad they don’t offer data on their prepaid lines.