Chinese document suggests OnePlus is wholly owned by Oppo


When Peter Lau left Oppo last year to start the new company OnePlus, there were a number of questions about the ownership of the new OnePlus. Lau has denied multiple times that OnePlus was owned by Oppo, and when asked why the OnePlus One looked so similar to the Oppo Find 7, he said that it was “perhaps because our aesthetics standard trends are similar”.

Today a document was leaked from the Shenzhen Municipal Market Supervisory Authority (SIPO) showing that OnePlus has one institutional stockholder, and that stockholder is Oppo.

The fact that OnePlus might in fact be owned by Oppo may change some peoples perception of the company. Some people will likely be upset at being lied to and that Lau’s departure from Oppo was staged. Despite this, it’s likely that most people will concentrate more on the devices being released rather than the politics behind them.

Source: TechWeb
Via: PhoneArena

  • pagger08

    and who is in controll of oppo? who gives a ##$÷ as long as i can get me some sub £300 top speck phone love lol makes me think someones out to discredit or make people not buy oppo =1+one why?