First tablet with Sharp’s MEMS display should arrive before July, will rival LCD and OLED


Sharp is trying to break the mold by offering another type of display. At CES 2014, the company showed its Micro Electro Mechanical System (MEMS) display. The technology should make its way to 7-inch tablets by this summer and the advantages seem impressive. But it will not be limited to tablets. DigitalVersus, who talked with the company about the technology, said “it may even one day find its way into TV sets, such as highly energy-efficient 8K TVs, although Sharp was quick to shrug off any such suggestions.”


MEMS displays have a much better backlighting system because light does not have to travel through any color filters. This means that use in direct sunlight will have almost no tradeoffs. Since there is less work done to move light, power use is lowered.


Another find from DigitalVersus was that after putting an MEMS display underneath a microscope, they could not find the RGB sub-pixels. There was a double bar structure and it looks as if pixels may be able to turn any color rather than having an assigned one. Sharp would give any answers.

Source: DigitalVersus

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