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SwiftKey Easter egg brings snowflakes to your device’s screen


SwiftKey certainly likes their holiday Easter eggs (remember SwiftKey Tilt?) and Christmas is no exception. They’ve already released a Winter theme for the keyboard to get everyone in a festive mood, but apparently there’s a neat little Easter egg built into that update, too.

If you type “hohoho” anywhere with the keyboard, then long-press it in the word suggestion bar, snowflakes will begin falling across your screen. They’ll keep falling as long as the keyboard is up, so if you’re typing a very long text or email, this can give the experience a little more Christmas spirit. Cool little Easter egg, right?

  • Tom Foolery

    Doesn’t work in the beta

    • ShapesBlue

      No it doesn’t sadly but the symbols do work with the beta version which will be quite interesting when it’s available for the full version

      • Tom Foolery

        By symbols are you referring to the Emoji in beta?

        • ShapesBlue

          Yup sure am

  • dz4567

    If you have the latest update, it should be the “ice” theme.

  • Wanderer

    I have the ice theme on the gs3 and the falling snow works like a dream, it’s cool.