Gameloft shows MediaTek’s octa-core CPU’s advantages in new video


Gameloft has released a new video to show off the advantages of MediaTek’s new MT6592 processor, specifically for their Modern Combat 5 game. The video compares MediaTek’s octa-core processor with a quad-core one. Soft particles and depth of field are demonstrated so when the foreground is focused on, the background blurs. Lighting is enhanced much more with rays from the sun being able to reflect off of the players eyes. In the image above, you can see the ground can reflect what is above and also shadows can form. And something that any gamer will welcome is the addition of a lot more texture.

For the full video, hit the break to see all of what MediaTek’s processor has to offer.


  • Telefunken

    I prefer the picture on the left. It’s sharper and clearer.