Samsung Galaxy Note 3 pre-order sales disappointing in South Korea


Samsung unveiled the first phablet, the Galaxy Note, 2 years ago, and it became more successful then anyone imagined. With the third iteration to be released very soon, has the popularity peaked? It’s hard to tell, but pre-orders in South Korea are nothing to brag about according to ETNews.

With most phones hitting 5-inches this year, I suspect the phablet market isn’t quite so popular now. When the original Note came out, it had a 5.3-inch display, but most other flagship phones were around 4.5-inches. Now two years later, the Note 3 is 5.7-inches, but flagship phones are 5-inches and even 5.2-inches (LG G2). It just doesn’t seem like there is enough of a difference to pay the additional $100. The only compelling reason to buy a Note 3, other than a little larger display, is the S Pen, and I just don’t see the average consumer using it a lot.

Samsung will still sell a lot of Notes, but I suspect the growth isn’t there anymore.

source: ETNews



  • achilles

    The phone when paired with the smartwatch, is too expensive. If bundled together, lower the price

  • M

    I guess Korea mobile market itself is not very good for any mobile phone.

  • goodwinod

    Most likely them trying to screw their customers by locking the phones.

  • Serra

    I’ve been waiting for the Galaxy Note 3 for S pen. But it has a higher price tag and it dicrease later in my country.. So I’ll wait for another couple of months..