Some new Nexus 7 tablet owners reporting problems with faulty touch screens


If you bought a new Nexus 7 tablet and you aren’t having any issues with it, consider yourself lucky. First we caught wind of GPS issues plaguing early units, and now owners are reporting touch screen problems with some tablets. Unfortunately for touch screen issues, it’s not always something as simple as software like the GPS bug.

Supposedly, some tablets are experiencing unintended double taps, ghost taps, and erratic behavior on the screen, which is never something you want to see on your brand new tablet. Google has suggested users boot into safe mode to try to determine if any third-party app is causing the problems, but if that doesn’t cure it, your best bet is to contact Google directly. Returning the tablet to wherever you bought it is also an option (assuming you didn’t buy it from the Play Store) but you may end up with another tab with the same issues.

Any readers out there having Nexus 7 touch screen problems?

source: Google Product Forums

via: Phone Arena

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  • Danl Morgan

    my screen kept freezing and i could not tap close or ok or anything just home screen. i uninstalled everything and did a rest and it stopped for now..

    • Danl Morgan

      correction it just happended again

      • Kenton

        It’s random.

    • Balaji Ravikanti

      so it responded some time after it stopped right? How much time it took, mine just froze on home screen and not responding touches or physical buttons!

  • Mr_Stelio_Kontos

    The first version of Nexus 7 also had it’s fair share of issues at release, while unwelcome and inexcusable it didn’t dent the sales of it, and AFAIK warranty replacements were never an issue for the unlucky ones affected.

  • Lodovik

    Typical Asus quality control problems, like with the first Nexus 7.

  • Plax D

    Finally made the news!

  • SueWest

    Yes. I returned it to Best Buy yesterday and am waiting for a replacement to come in. Typing was impossible on my 1st unit.

  • companyemails

    And this is why I always make it a point to wait a few months before a new hero device is released, in order for manufacturing bugs to be addressed and corrected.

  • Kenton

    Yes. Having these issues. Reported to Google.

  • Amanda

    Yes. Bought mine first day it came out. The Skype feature is unusable and the touchscreen is consistently erratic. Don’t WANNA take it back because I really love it otherwise. I know people who have returned multiple times only to encounter the problem again… :(

  • Doug Rector

    preordered mine from best buy and so far it works perfectly – no touch screen issues and what little I have used the GPS it seems fine

  • Matty Mo

    My original device had severe touchscreen issues. I returned to Bestbuy and so far the replacement unit is working well.

  • Guest

    My new device got red hot and would not allow me to turn it off… Hated to return it but had to…

  • Brent Durham

    I bought the new Nexus 7 II and the Samsung GN8 to compare them side by side. I loved both, but ended up taking the Samsung back to staples because of the screen resolution (by itself not bad, but noticeable difference vs Nexus 7 II) and the better reviews. Well today I got a burn in mark on the screen (pencil eraser size that you could see the pixels shading red with a black screen) and I took it back with intentions to exchange it. I ended up buying the Samsung and bringing it home because I am afraid of quality issues with the Nexus. I bought my kids the original nexus 7 and they both had hardware issues (speakers, charging, slow downs, etc.). In the end, I stuck with the Samsung with the larger screen. Not sure if I will keep it though.

    • Eriq

      My device has the same problem with the red burn mark. Mine is about the same size is there any way to get rid of it.

  • AR

    I am having a problem. Only physical buttons on the nexus 7 are working. I touch the screen and nothing responds. I cant even shut down :( help me please

    • shaz

      Sorry can’t help I have just returned the one I bought today due to just such an issue – did you find any solutions?

      • AR

        Well yes.Its better after the small update.

  • stumbledore

    Yes!!! My new Nexus 7 had only the return button visible at the bottom . Would only display the WiFi page. Cant get to the home page. Very frustrating . I’m taking it back to the retailer tomorrow. Day 2 of ownership .Does not instill confidence. Not a good start

  • mars467

    Updated the firmware to Android 4.4 – battery only lasts for about 12-18 hours, with our without using it.

  • Jay

    Bought mine yesterday … Screen now non responsive on the same day ! Reset it with deleting all days if put on using the on off and volume buttons but no good. Taking it back to currys today. I ‘ll try another as it was really good while it was working!

  • JOSE

    OK my 4G unit made in november 2013 brought by Santa on the 25th has the same issue… it is unusable.

  • Guy

    Help my tablet has froze once I pressed an app and then I can turn it off or press anything

    • dan

      the same happened to me

  • kathleen

    I just bought a nexus 7 tonight and it froze just after I went through the set up screens. Seriously not even on for 5 minutes (and it claims it has battery). When to check out the video and sound and froze in the first 30 seconds of the video playing. Had to do a force reset. Tried it again, froze but restarted on its own that time. Now it just keeps restarting no matter what I open and with no warning. I never downloaded any apps or even got a chance to try out the camera. This sucker is getting returned. What a piece of complete junk!