Netflix adding profiles to service, Android support coming soon


Netflix announced today a new feature to help make things easier when several people are sharing the same Netflix account, Netflix Profiles. Profiles act like a sub-account on a master Netflix account. Each profile gets personalized suggestions, their own Instant Queue lists and a segregated Recently Watched history. Owners of competing devices probably wish this function had already been available, but with the introduction of Google’s Chromecast this could be even more useful since so many people are now able to stream their own viewing choices to the device.

To add new profiles to an account, users can configure them when first creating an account or existing users can go to their settings. Netflix will allow you to create up to five profiles, which can correspond to individuals or situations like “Family Night.” Profiles can also be linked to Facebook accounts to help users get recommendations from their friends.

Netflix is rolling out the new feature in phases over the next several days. Initially, the profiles will only be available through the web site interface, iPad and iPhone devices, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 gaming platforms, Apple TV, newer smart TVs and Blu-Ray players that come loaded with Netflix. Unfortunately, Android devices are not amongst the initial round, joined by the Nintendo Wii, but Netflix says the feature is coming soon to those platforms. According to Netflix, profiles can only be created through the web site or on the PS3, but they can be accessed from any of the devices supporting profiles.

Check out the video below showing how it works.

source: Netflix
via: Android Police

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  • MarcTabor

    Why in the heck is Apple getting profiles before Android?

    • ziplock9000

      Crazy.. in a world where Android devices outnumber iOS 4:1 too!

    • JJ

      Ridiculous! I’d like to know why Android has to take a back seat on this one. Doesn’t seem logical.

    • tonymost

      iOS is significantly easier to program for. There’s your answer, you can choose to be ignorant to this FACT if you want, but this is the reason.

      • MarcTabor

        I’ve talked to android programmers and java is not that much harder to program for than iOS. Some even said they preferred it. One even stated that if you stayed within official libraries version fragmentation was not an issue.

    • TheHighlightGuy

      Pretty much this ^ I love Android and all, but it’s true. It’ll get to us eventually. There’s just too much fragmentation in the Android world that has to be accounted for by Netflix. Apple has, what, 3 active devices that can use Netflix? Much easier to account for that than the hundreds, if not thousands, in the Android world.

      EDIT: By “this” I meant to point at @tonymost ‘s post.

      • MarcTabor

        you could make it viable only for 4.*, which is the standard on any device capable of doing Netflix video. Also, being that android 4.* has built in profiles support, part of the work has been done for them already. At this point I would say lazyness or apple payoff. it should be done by now.

  • sab

    apple sucks balls.. android should have this available or at least let me watch the Netflix website from my android device??!!??

  • MarcTabor

    We finally have it!!!!!!!!