Rogers Testing 4G LTE in Canada!

Rogers Wireless 4G testing in Ottawa

Being north of the border can sometimes be a blessing and a curse for most Canadians. With regards to technology, it’s mostly a curse. We find ourselves having to wait on a handful of companies to bring the best technology to us, which usually ends up being a monumental task, and costly adventure given our vast real estate to cover, much smaller population, and stricter Government policies.

Rogers Wireless is one of the major players in Canada wide mobile technology, and thankfully, they’ve began testing with 4G in Ottawa, Ontario. Rogers Communications Inc also stated that they have already been working on Long Term Evolution (LTE) wireless technology and will soon expand this across the nation.

As this is just a trial, customers won’t notice any changes in their current wireless services until Rogers is confident in its stability. The great thing about this however, it’ll mean new devices with 4G coming to Canada…the HTC EVO 4G would be nice. Regardless, we can be sure to see a big marketing campaign when it is ready for launch. There’s 2 things Rogers Communications Inc is good at, first, getting our money, and second, marketing.

Will you grab 4G as soon as it comes out Canadian customers? You can be sure they’ll get my money for that. Let us know in the comments!

[via Ottawa Citizen]

About the Author: Jesse Bauer

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  • John

    Never anything from Rogers again!!! had a 3y contract with them and i’m done with them! i’ll wait for the 4G from windmobile. very happy with their service….

  • Rogers_Chris

    Great news! Just a quick update to say we’ve officially lit up Canada’s first Long Term Evolution (LTE) network in Ottawa. Details on our Redboard blog!

  • Minesh Rai

    As Rogers will expand their services in other parts they have to maintain their network capacity. 4G is a great news for Canadians………People in Ottawa get ready to grab it…………