Amazon App Store a Reality claims WSJ

Android Kindle

Just when we thought we heard enough about carriers creating their own Android App Stores, WSJ claims to have a document from Amazon which confirms their intent on releasing an Amazon App Store.

The document makes a couple of points which developers need to keep a focus on however. Firstly, Amazon will beat any app price sold elsewhere, and secondly, the app cannot have been on offer anywhere else for more than 2 weeks before being given to Amazon.

Do you think Amazon is planning on releasing an Android tablet? It would make sense. Why else would you want your own Android App Store unless you were planning on launching hardware to pre-install it on? Let us know what you think they’re up to in the comments.

[via Engadget]

  • Justin

    I’d think that an Amazon branded Android Tablet would be well received, especially if they migrated all the features from their kindle stuff to it. I think Apple would be in a world of hurt if Google and Amazon teamed up against them in the tablet competition.