Corning to create phone displays with highly anti-reflective and antimicrobial coating


Corning is best known for their highly resistant Gorilla Glass displays that are used in many, many smartphones around the world, but there’s a lot that goes into those displays aside from just being tough to break.  Their latest development is coming in the form of screens that are extremely anti-reflective and extremely resistant to germs, which is a first for the display industry. The glass that Corning is investing is can theoretically tolerate the weight of 10,000 elephants and barely 1% less transparent than air on a clear day, so it’s some pretty impressive stuff.

The bigger points are that anti-reflection tech and anti-germ tech, though. Everyone knows smartphones can be kinda tough to see in direct sunlight, which makes outdoor use difficult on phones. Corning’s latest anti-reflection coating makes a glass panel almost completely transparent, so all of that nasty glare disappears and it’s much easier to see what’s being displayed below the screen, which is in this case your smartphone. Not only will that improve outdoor visibility, but the coating also helps to destroy invisible germs that your phone naturally picks up while being used. After two hours, Corning’s antimicrobial coating destroys nearly every germ on the screen. Fancy, right?

There’s a lot of really technical stuff behind the tech, so if you want to see the full video, check it out after the break.

source: Technology Review

via: Phone Arena

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