Verizon starts countdown, releases augmented reality DROID video


Surfacing from a long period of inactivity, the Twitter account @DroidLanding reappeared with activity this afternoon. At this point, the tweets are rather vague, though there are enough hints dropped in to stir the rumors of a new DROID device getting ready to show up on the Verizon network. That seems like a bit of a stretch unless Verizon renames the mysterious Motorola X Phone. Whatever Verizon may have up their sleeve, it looks like it will involve an augmented reality scavenger hunt game based on the latest teaser video to surface.

@DroidLanding‘s initial tweet merely announced the resumption of activity with the lead “Reactivation protocols initiated.” That was followed by another tweet announcing:

“Augmented Reality imaging matrix is online ::: Scavenge mode detected…”

The latest tweet from the account points to a YouTube video that shows footage of Transformer type combat DROIDs. The tweet mentions “wARriors” with the AR capitalized. The video includes “DROID Combat/D:COM” in the title. The last time the AR moniker was used was back in 2011 when the Droid Bionic ARena augmented reality scavenger hunt game was made available. That title was also created by MunkyFun, the developers mentioned in this latest video. Back then, the goal of the app was to win a DROID Bionic.

If Verizon is preparing to unleash a new augmented reality scavenger hunt game, what could the prize be? Hit the break for the video.

YouTube Preview Image

source: Droid Life

  • Matthew Locaciato

    So it would appear that Verizon is attempting to duplicate Google’s Ingress. This type of ‘game’ is a great way for companies to soak up geo based info. Google is adding pictures and better info to maps along with marketing info as well I’m sure. The only problem is that Verizon is awful at apps. And certainly is yet to launch any sort of successful project like this. Also if this happens to be the DNA 2, it won’t be enough to get ride of my original dna