10,000 game developers now on board with OUYA


If you’re on the fence about picking up a OUYA console when they become available in the next few months, you should know that OUYA has reached 10,000 developers officially on board for their console. That’s an extraordinarily large number of developers working to bring their games to the little Android-powered box. If game selection has been one of your worries for the console, I think you can safely put that fear to rest.

The OUYA box has received quite a bit of interest from partners, developers, and consumers alike, and the anticipation for that June 4th release just keeps growing with news like this. Are any of you picking up one of these? Let us know in the comments.

source: Games Industry

via: Phandroid

  • http://www.bible-tech.com/ Justin A

    I will not get one unless there are some really good games for it. I just have no desire for console gaming again. It was fun when the games were by far better than mobile games. But I’m not paying $60 for a console title, when I can get a $5 mobile version that is more than 60% as fun.