Toy Story: Andy’s Room Live Wallpaper Available in the Play Store


Back when I was a kid Toy Story was my favorite movie. Mostly because it appealed to something I then often thought about; my toys coming to life when no one was around. To this day it’s proved a timeless classic with millions of toys, two sequels and multiple videogames. Just the other day even, Disney/PIXAR released Toy Story: Smash It! into the Play Store for your gaming pleasure. They’re not stopping there as they bring an interactive live wallpaper into the mix. Toy Story: Andy’s Room promises to visually brighten your day while also entertaining you with activities involving your favorite Toy Story characters. As if being entertaining weren’t enough Disney/Pixar also brings the following with this wallpaper:

• Encounter popular Toy Story characters: Unlock and interact with 5 characters from Toy Story including Woody, Buzz, Rex, Hamm, and the Aliens!
• Collect points to unlock new characters with fun mini games: Catch falling army men, and hit the bullseye on the dart board to earn valuable points!
• Hang out in Andy’s room from day till night: Play from sunrise to sunset, and watch the room change throughout the day according to your local time!
• Customize your own cork board: Write fun messages and reminders on the cork board in Andy’s Room!

If you’re looking for a Toy Story nostalgia fix hit the break for a link to the Play Store download. Enjoy!


Play Store Link

About the Author: Jack Holt

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  • Emilia Kemp

    The darts dont work now whatbhappend ?.

  • Padmanabha

    Hi all, this is a simple trick to get more darts in a day.. usually we will get 6 darts per day.. SO the trick is to change the date in settings put it to next day and voila you will get 6 more darts instantly.. now you can change back to present date and get another 6 darts :) (How cool).. Repeat this – unlimited darts..
    The points scored will accumulate and we can buy other toys :D

  • prholt

    All the suggestions are great. The highest score you can achieve is 9999+. No matter what you do from that point forward Will not increase you score. This would be an important fix.

  • alex

    Love this wallpaper. Just wish it lasted a little longer before you get all the characters

  • Mero Esaam

    i love thes wallpaper

  • rohan


  • Pam Lowery

    Loved it until it stopped rotating on my new galaxy 6. Can anyone help me out?