Roll Your Own Android: Android 4.2.2 Code and Binaries pushing to Android Open Source Project (AOSP)


Great news for Nexus users, AOSP is pushing Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 binaries for several devices in the Nexus product lineup.  The build, JDQ39 (tag: android-4.2.2_r1), is the same as the one currently being rolled out to Nexus devices.

As listed on the Google Developers site, binaries are available for the following devices:

Google continues to show its unwavering support to Nexus followers, and there’s no question that purchasing Nexus devices is the smart way to go for any Android fan.

If you need the latest files, hit the source link for downloads and instructions.

Source:  Google Developers

  • Nicholas M

    A lot of people have missed the fact that the Toro and Toroplus also have updated binaries. :-)

  • emunny057

    I’ve been running 4.2.2 on my skyrocket for a few weeks now