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Beautiful Widgets gets updated to version 5.1 to include new widgets, more functionality



Beautiful widgets has just gotten updated to version 5.1 and gives it even more options and flexibility for users—making the awesome app even better than ever. In addition to having a few new widgets available (such as Barebone for tablets), the developer has finally removed the geolocation option in the widget— finally allowing users to manually enter their desired home location manually. Another noteworthy feature is the inclusion of the Lifestyles widget which in conjunction with AccuWeather, helps users to show different ratings in order to help you plan those fun outdoor activities like going out for a run or finally having that long overdue cookout.

There are more neat improvements and new additions to the app, but you’ll need to hit past the break to get an idea of what each are and grab the updated app from the Play Store as well.


New Features

  • New weather provider WeatherUnderground
  •  New Forecast Fragment Lifestyles
  • New widgets for tablets
  • New beta channel


  • New layouts for WeatherWidgets 4×1
  • The geolocation can be removed
  • Add a setting to disable the weather animations
  • Hide Home Fragment, and put Tutorial when there is no widgets
  • Add clear app shortcut
  • Unlock Animation Stop without fade
  • Add a 4×1 layout to match the old home 4×1
  • New date formats
  • New translations
  • Physical menu button opens the Sliding menu in the Forecast Screen
  • Physical search button open the search in Location and Theme Store
  • FileLogger rewritten
  • Add compression on weather provider requests
  • Swipe to dismiss improvements

Bug fixes

  • Fix blue temperature text on blue sky
  • First image doesn’t load in ThemeStore
  • Wording correction
  • FileLogger issue when no SD
  • Support theme without good NinePatch
  • Daydream animation issues
  • Battery percent launch the forecast screen
  • The layout of Clock 4×4 is bad for a layout upper than 5×5
  • Snow in mm instead of cm
  • Weather 1×1 layout issue when temp < -10°
  • Daydream data doesn’t update
  • The days are bad shorten on Weather widget
  • Toggle silence and Timed Silence not working as previous
  • Display issue with double digits negative temp
  • Inverted temperatures are not working well
  • Import external themes show a “theme not found”
  • Widget 4×1, Home Legacy layout don’t apply
  • 4×1 Inverted Layout, at least for tablets
  • TextClock widget, minutes not clickable when shortcut to settings not activated
  • Graphical bug after sort in themeStore
  • Today widget no longer opens the calendar
  • Fix livewallpaper background color
  • Fix few crashes
  • And more…



Play Store Download Link

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