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Could HTC unveil a tablet alongside the One?


The above image is yet another teaser from HTC about tomorrow’s event. Now we fully expect to see the HTC One (M7) or whatever they call it, but this image has something interesting. It shows a bunch of devices under black clothes, but the one to the bottom left looks a little bigger. Speculation is running rampant that it could be a tablet, but it could also be some sort of accessory. We did hear rumblings last July of an HTC Vertex device that was suspected to be a tablet, and then in August, images leaked of a 10-inch tablet. Unless it’s an optical illusion, whatever is under that cloth doesn’t appear to be that big.

I guess I will be surprised if it is a tablet knowing full well that we would probably have more information about it, and not to mention that back in October HTC basically said they weren’t going to concentrate on tablets, at least for the U.S. market. We are only a little over 12 hours away from finding out so keep it locked right here for all the details as we get them.

source: twitter


  • Majdy Abu Sondos

    I think as they showed the camera in the last teaser, we all knew they were referring to the quality of their camera, as this is for the phone they are saying it’s in performance and quality as big as this, and all other devices hidden also they were the before devices.

  • rich_bown

    Am I the only one who sees the line of corpses covered by sheets after a major disaster? Can’t see HTC turning their disastrous 2012 performance around.

  • Majdy Abu Sondos

    HTC needs an entry devices to establish a base for it, as with Samsung they have a hundreds of phones, but few flagship devices, so they have to reach the majority of people to be the top of mobile maker.