Beta Build Of Tasker For Android Brings A New Design, But Still Makes Automation Just A Little Easier For Our Android Devices


It’s no secret that we like things to be simplified and automated if possible— and Tasker for Android allows for us Android folks to make things simplified and automated. The great thing is for those of you who have used the app before (and those of you who haven’t) is that the development team went ahead and came up with a new beta— which includes a brand-new design of the app to bring a more modern touch. In case you’re not familiar with the app— it allows for users to perform a task (set of actions) based on a context— like a time, date, location, application or even gesture— in profiles or widgets. Think of this as an example: For example, if you want your Bluetooth to turn on when you get into your car, users can set Tasker to activate Bluetooth when your phone realizes you left your home’s GPS coordinates. The overall goal of the app is to simply give users more control over their Android device without the need for root. Of course users will actually need to take some time and actually set up each task— but believe us, once the various tasks are set up— you’ll see how much better your overall Android experience can be.

The revised beta app is now available for all Ice Cream Sandwich+ devices, so head on down to the source link to grab it today.

source: Tasker

  • Tasker User :)

    you are talking about and linking to the beta version but your screenshot is from the last stable version (before the UI refresh).

    Also, Tasker without the UI refresh is available for Android 1.6+