More Details Of Rumored HTC M7 Smartphone Leaked: Will Feature All-Black Design & Is Possibly Headed For Sprint


HTC has had an incredibly successful year bringing in some hits here and there, but it appears that the Taiwanese manufacturer is looking to take things to another level in 2013. While we’ve heard whispers about a mysterious M7 smartphone in the works before, we are now starting to get an idea of what the device is capable of and its awesome features. According to the folks at HTC Source, the M7 is designed to be loosely based off the existing DROID DNA smartphone, having items like a black shell casing and a “very nice looking beveled edge” along the screen. In addition, the smartphone will feature a quad-core Snapdragon processor, a 4.7-inch 1,920 x 1080 display capable of 468ppi and 32GB of internal storage— all being operated by Jelly Bean topped off with Sense 5.0, which promises to to have a “simple and clean” UI.

As it stands, there are no additional hardware features to share for now— though it appears the smartphone is currently in testing on Sprint’s LTE network, giving NOW Network customers yet another device to possibly look forward to. Is it possible we may be looking at the latest addition to the HTC EVO series for Sprint? Perhaps we’ll see it at CES in just a few days

source: HTC Source

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  • Alfredo Mendoza

    Att. Please i want something other than the one x and x +, already own the one x five me something with beefy specs!!

  • Brenda

    I hope it goes to Verizon as well, if HTC wants to regain financial income, release on all carriers. It would be a smart move.

  • merlinfury

    Great Review, Thanks

  • jered

    I used to like HTC but they sold out to Apple.

  • Besnik Nadzaku

    Htc listen expandable memory like the HTC evo or no deal you will lose for 2013 if you don’t get with the game

  • yarrellray

    This makes me happy to know that my EVO FAMILY of friends have a great device down the road in June of 2013. This will be great…

  • memyself&i

    Please come to T Mobile with LTE and a decent size battery!