New Android-controlled toilet gives you another reason to bring your smartphone to the bathroom

Android started with phones, then went to tablets, TV’s, and even appliances. Why not toilets? A new toilet made by Tokyo-based Lixil will hit the market this February. Apparently you can get the app for Android called My Satis, which lets you flush, raise the toilet seat, and activate a bidet jet stream. If you like to listen to tunes while doing your business, you can even choose what songs to play through the toilet’s speakers. Finally, for those of you that like to control everything, the app will keep track of your history so the next time you’re at a dinner party, you can tell Aunt Agnus when the last time you, well you know. Don’t expect these toilets to be cheap as they will be priced at ¥199,500 to ¥389,550m which translates to roughly $2,385 to $4,657. I wonder if they would send me a review unit?

Hit the source link to check out a quick video as well.

source: japantrends