HTC Desire Z hands-on pics and video

Today, Engadget featured a hands-on look at the HTC Desire Z, which was unveiled in Europe during today’s HTC event.  If it looks familiar, it’s because we know the HTC Desire Z as the G2 coming to T-mobile stateside.  First off, let me say, this is one sexy device.  I don’t generally have a need for a physical qwerty keyboard, mainly due to the added bulk, but I’m willing to make an exception here.  Its sliding mechanism actually lifts up on hinges slightly and snaps back into place.  These “Z” hinges are what gives the phone its name.  HTC also says this is what helps the phone stay so slim, and gives you better access to the keyboard’s top row.

One thing that impressed me is how fast the boot time is on this thing, which is generally less than 2 seconds.  I know that a few people were disappointed in hearing about the 800MHz processor, but from the video, the Desire Z seems plenty fast.  It also looks like it might be running HTC’s just-announced new Sense software, since there is mention of HTC’s built-in offline map application. Hit up the source link below for more pics and a video.

via [engadget]